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Mentee Application
Marital Status
Are you a single mother?
Do yo agree to the following?

• I understand that the Virtuous Women Life Academy (VWLA) is a Christian Mentoring Ministry. • I understand that VWLA Mentors & Volunteers are not professional counselors or therapists. • I understand that any mental health and substance abuse must be treated by a professional and mentoring partnerships must be suspended until treated by a professional. • I am committed to actively and consistently participating in my VWLA Plans over the next year. • I agree to contact my mentor as agreed upon. • I understand that I will be dismissed from VWLA after six unexcused one-on-one mentoring sessions within one year. • I understand that I may be dismissed from VWLA based on VWLA’s recommendation/discretion (lack of progress, excessive unexcused absences, negative and/or disrespectful behaviors, etc.)

Thanks for submitting!

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